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Self-harm counselling in Taunton

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Self-harm is a coping stratagy

Contrary to common belief self-harmers rarely inflict pain in some kind of masochistic pleasure seeking behaviour, the harm they inflict on themselves provides them relief from some unresolved psychological pain. Therefore simply focusing on the presenting behaviour, without exploring the underlying issues would be like putting a plaster over their wounds, it might bring temporarily relief, but the wound will not heal unless the psychological thorn that is causing the wound is addressed. Self-harm is a learned coping strategy that individuals have adopted to help them manage negative and overwhelming feelings.

Another misconception is that many self-harmers may end up as suicides. Although some self-harmers may also struggle with suicidal thoughts, the act of self-harming is general one that enables the person to manage life rather than end it. Where suicides do happen theses are generally inadvertent consequences of the self-harming. For most self-harmers their behavior is a way of preventing them from taking their own lives and is used as a coping strategy for relieving distress caused by internal or external factors .


Self-harm counselling

Self-harm is often a way for individuals to maintain control so counselling for self-harm will focus on empowering them to take charge of their lives and make the changes that they wish to make. Therapy provides the time and space to talk in confidence with someone who is trained to listen in a non-judgemental way, helping them to explore their difficulties and help them find solutions that feel right for them.

It is important to help people who self-harm with respect and understanding. Recovery from self-harming, means learning to understand how self-harm is used as a coping strategy and beginning to learn to utilise other coping skills to replace the self-harming strategy. They will need to learn how to nurture themselves and allow themselves to feel good about themselves.

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